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What are the ramifications for child sexual abuse charges in MD?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Sexual Assault

People in Upper Marlboro and throughout Maryland who are facing charges for sexual crimes are undoubtedly aware of the stigma surrounding these accusations. The social and criminal ramifications are made even worse if they involve a child sexual assault. In addition to the problems with the law, there might also be long-term consequences on a personal and professional basis with the likelihood of having to become part of a sex offender registry to Keep law enforcement apprised of one’s whereabouts.

Knowing the state laws regarding sexual abuse of a minor is important when confronted with these charges. The term “sexual abuse” will include allegations of incest, rape, sexual offenses of any kind, sodomy, and sexual practices that are considered unnatural or perverted. These laws apply to a family member or a household member. A family member is defined as a relative of the child via marriage, adoption or blood. A household member is defined as a person who is living in the home or who is a regular presence in the home when the alleged abuse occurred.

The charges apply to a parent or a person who has custody, temporary care or is responsible for the minor child. They also apply to a person who is a household member. These acts are felonies, and if there is a conviction, there will be a maximum of 25 years in jail. These charges are separate from other crimes of this nature and could lead to consecutive or concurrent penalties.

There is an overwhelmingly negative connotation to the mere mentioning of the words, “child sexual abuse” and this is true regardless of where the accusations are made. Not only will there be a harsh series of penalties, but these charges can follow a person around for the rest of his or her life. The circumstances of such charges are imperative to the aftermath. Perhaps they are not true. Maybe the person made a mistake. No matter how the charges came about, the one most important factor to a positive resolution is to consider having an experienced legal professional assisting with the legal defense.

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