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Types of misdemeanor crimes in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Criminal Defense

Most Maryland residents are aware that crimes in the state are divided into one of two classifications: felonies and misdemeanors. They also know that a felony is a more serious type of crime, while a misdemeanor conviction could lead to a lesser punishment. But, some of our readers may not know exactly what types of crimes fall into the misdemeanor category.

Some misdemeanor crimes in Maryland are crimes that involve the act of driving. These include driving with a revoked license and reckless driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is another type of misdemeanor, although the existence of various aggravating factors can push the charge into felony territory. Punishment for misdemeanor crimes can include the loss of the guilty party’s privileges, including loss of one’s driver’s license, loss of a professional license, loss of a government or state job and loss of the ability to run for public office.

There are several other types of crimes that are considered misdemeanors in Maryland. These include trespassing, which is entering someone’s property without their permission. Another property-type misdemeanor crime is vandalism, which is destroying or damaging someone else’s property. Some other misdemeanor crimes in Maryland include prostitution, resisting arrest, petty theft, failure to appear in court and disorderly conduct.

It’s important to remember that a misdemeanor crime in Maryland can be categorized as either a first or second degree misdemeanor, and can be punished by a fine and/or up to a 12-month prison term, depending on the charge. Maryland resident facing a misdemeanor charge will want to plan a strong criminal defense.

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