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Strong defense could help you avoid DUI conviction

If a DUI charge has been leveled against you, you may start beating yourself up over ending up in such an ordeal. However, anyone could find him or herself in such a situation, and rather than focusing on the negative aspects, you may wish to look into how you could handle your case. There are many factors that could impact the outcome of your specific predicament, and, therefore, you may still have cause for a hopeful result.

Possible penalties

Even with a first offense DUI, a chance exists for some hefty penalties. If a conviction takes place, you could face up to a year in jail, license suspension and monetary fines. However, do not let these potential outcomes force you into making hasty decisions.

Plea bargains

In some cases, you may receive an offer of a plea bargain that allows you to receive a lesser punishment for pleading guilty. At first mention, such a deal may seem like a beneficial route to follow, especially if it helps you avoid jail time. However, taking a plea bargain still results in a DUI placement on your criminal record. Therefore, you may wish to examine your other defense options before opting for the bargain.

Criminal defense

There are various defense strategies that could help you work toward a not-guilty verdict. If duress, honest belief that intoxication was not a factor or coercion played a role, you could build a defense argument around such an aspect.

In addition to those possibilities, examining how your case was handled could also play into your defense. If the arresting officer did not properly administer breath or field sobriety tests or results for tests were improperly handled, the possibility may exist that the evidence could be deemed inadmissible.

Legal options

Understanding your legal options could significantly help you make meaningful decisions as your case proceeds. Rather than opting for the first option that seems beneficial, you may wish to ensure that you know how each option could impact your life. You may have the chance to avoid having a DUI mark on your criminal record altogether if your defense proves effective.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of criminal charges and court proceedings, you may wish to gain assistance. With the help of an experienced Maryland defense attorney, you will gain a valuable ally who can guide you toward the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

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