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Are you facing a prescription-related problem?

Did you know approximately 20 percent of the nation's current population have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons? Minimal research into the money trail regarding pharmaceuticals and drug use in this country provides evidence that it's a tremendous money-making industry. In recent years, however, vast numbers of people have run into various problems related to prescription drugs, including addiction, overdose and legal trouble associated with criminal charges.

Family after family has grieved its losses of unsuspecting loved ones who took pills for pain relief or other health-related issues only to end up dead after taking them. There have also been numerous incidents on college campuses across America where students have found themselves standing before disciplinary boards or placed behind bars after accusations of dealing or unlawfully taking prescription drugs.

Drugs often associated with addiction

People aren't always aware of potential problems involving prescription medications, and may not even know which drugs actually require prescription for use. In fact, it's not uncommon that someone might be having back pain or suffering other chronic pain issues, and a friend or family member offers some form of medicated pain relief. Similar situations often occur regarding college living and study habits. Strenuous curriculum can lead to fatigue, mental stress and other issues that prompt students to share various types of pills thought to enhance focus, energy and well-being.

Below are some of the most common drugs associated with drug-related problems:

  • Stimulants: Such drugs are often used to combat sleep disorders and/or treat deficits that include mental focus issues.
  • Opioids: This is, perhaps, the most typical way of treating pain-related conditions. Codeine, fentanyl and hydrocodone are common forms of Opioids.
  • Depressants: Various types of prescription drugs help those suffering from depression or other central nervous system issues like anxiety or sleep disorders.

Medical advancements have allowed doctors to offer wide varieties of prescription medications to treat all sorts of ailments and conditions over a short term or on a permanent basis.

Facing problems related to prescription drugs

If you or anyone you know has suffered from prescription drug addiction, you certainly understand the challenges associated with such issues. Recovery can be lengthy and wrought with various types of emotional and physical challenges. Thankfully, there are vast numbers of resources available to help anyone directly dealing with drug addiction, as well as those whose lives have been indirectly adversely affected by a loved one's addiction.

Sometimes, such issues lead to legal trouble. Perhaps you gave a friend a painkiller and now face charges for a drug-related crime. Or, maybe you accepted pills that someone provided to help you overcome chronic pain or other medical issues. Regardless of the events leading to your particular problem, you might want to take advantage of available support that others in past situations similar to your own have found helpful, such as discussing the issue with an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney.

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