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Man facing drug charges following undercover drug purchase

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Drug Charges

On Jan. 4, a Maryland man was taken into custody and charged with multiple drug crimes after authorities conducted two undercover drug buys from him. The 43-year-old was reportedly observed selling drugs to an undercover informant twice before he was taken into custody.

On Dec. 13, the informant was given $300 by authorities to purchase crack cocaine from the main. The alleged undercover drug purchase occurred in a parking lot that was located on the first block of North Locust Street in Hagerstown. The transaction was reported by the police with an electronic monitoring device. A second undercover drug purchase was set up on Jan. 4, though this time the accused man allegedly sold the undercover informant both crack cocaine and heroin. The man was taken into custody in a nearby business after both individuals had left the parking lot.

According to court records, the man had more than $1,150 in cash on his person, including the $300 in recorded bills used by the undercover informant. He was ultimately charged with three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. His bond was set to $50,000.

When a person is taken into custody on drug charges in Maryland, he or she is likely to face serious legal consequences that can include a lengthy period of incarceration. The severity of legal consequences depends not only on the types of drugs the person was accused of selling but also if he or she has a previous criminal history. A criminal law attorney may set up a defense strategy to challenge the charges, especially if there is evidence the authorities did not follow proper procedure during the investigation.

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