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Liquor store owner and emloyees taken into custody

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Drug Charges

Maryland police took seven people into custody after receiving a tip that Eutaw Liquor Store was involved in the drug trade. During a search of the premises, authorities claim to have found about $12,000 in cash in addition to a variety of controlled substances such as crack cocaine and marijuana. A scale, razors and shotgun shells were also reportedly found in the raid. As a result of the raid, a 51-year-old man and his 45-year-old wife were taken into custody.

The man was the owner of the store, and another man in the store at the time was taken into custody for allegedly being in possession of heroin. Four others were detained by police who worked for the liquor store. Authorities said that the employees had criminal records including murder and burglary convictions. In the aftermath of the raid, authorities said that the business would likely be padlocked.

This has been the fate of other companies that have been found to be trafficking drugs or committing other violent crimes. Police said they didn’t think that the store had been supplying controlled substances to street dealers. However, authorities also said that there was no limit to what the owners of the company would sell, and they also said that the business was feeding drugs into what is known as a challenged area.

Individuals who are charged with drug offenses could spend time in jail, pay a fine or both. They may also face challenges trying to find work after they have been convicted, making it wise to hire an attorney who may help create a defense to the drug charge. An attorney may be able to convince a prosecutor to drop or reduce charges, might could result in a favorable outcome for a defendant.