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Maryland cocaine ring busted by police

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Drug Charges

According to authorities with the Queen Anne County Sheriff’s Office, a cocaine distribution ring in the Maryland county was reportedly busted by law enforcement officers, resulting in more than 12 arrests. The agency announced the bust and the arrests on July 24.

The Queen Anne County Drug Task Force had reportedly been investigating the ring since the spring together with a number of allied police agencies. Officers allege that a 31-year-old Centreville man was importing large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine and powder cocaine into Queene Anne County and then distributing it. The man worked with some co-conspirators to import and distribute 3 pounds of cocaine and other narcotics between April 30 and June 1.

Officers executed numerous search warrants on June 1 and found $31,870, 275.3 grams of powder cocaine, five guns, 4.2 grams of heroin, 2 grams of crack cocaine, 17 grams of marijuana and numerous prescription drugs. They also seized five cars worth $106,600. Nine people were indicted on a variety of conspiracy and drug distribution charges. Several others were charged with possession of controlled dangerous drugs.

Drug charges can result in severe penalties, and charges alleging drug distribution and sales can result in even harsher sentences. People who are facing serious drug felonies may want to talk to experienced criminal defense attorneys who are practiced in defending against drug crimes allegations. The attorneys may be able to successfully challenge the admissibility of the evidence in some cases. In others, they might be able to negotiate with the prosecutors to secure pleas to lesser offenses or capped sentences. Finally, they may be prepared to take their clients’ cases to trial if their clients choose to exercise their rights to jury trials.

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