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Suburban Maryland home used for marijuana sales

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Drug Charges

Modern life can be hectic, and we often come and go about our daily business knowing little about our neighbors. Imagine, then, the surprise and other emotions the surrounding residents felt when the police raided a Maryland suburban townhouse and uncovered drugs, money and an illegal firearm. It is unclear whether the police were acting on a tip, or the action was the result of an ongoing investigation.

Two suspects who lived in the townhouse were arrested by narcotics officers. The two men, both in their early twenties, were allegedly conducting a thriving marijuana sales business from their home, and ample evidence was recovered from the home to support that allegation.

Over 11 pounds of marijuana was seized in the raid, much of it sealed in small plastic bags. The estimated street value of the seized drugs was in excess of $100,000. In addition to the marijuana, police confiscated $20,000 in cash and a loaded 9-millimeter weapon, which had its serial number removed. This evidence will be presented to the court as authorities bring multiple weapons and drug charges against the two men.

Criminal cases often involve seemingly overwhelming quantities of evidence, but caution must be used when arriving at conclusions based solely on that information. The police must follow established procedures, paying close attention to the suspects’ constitutional rights. Under certain circumstances, especially when drug charges are involved, a criminal law attorney can challenge the evidence’s admissibility based on the tactics the police used when acquiring the information. Based on the facts of the case, evidence may be excluded, or there may be an opportunity to enter a plea bargain to a lesser charge.

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