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Younger Americans more likely to be arrested than older adults

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Criminal Defense

People in Maryland and elsewhere in the United States age 26 and younger are more likely to get arrested than previous generations. This is what researchers discovered when conducting a study to evaluate arrest rates and patterns. In general, arrest rates are rising fastest for white Americans and women. The study also linked increasing arrest and conviction rates to reduced marriage chances and lower wages and family income.

As for why younger Americans are more likely to be in need for a criminal defense attorney, the study’s author believes that one factor is increased enforcement. The comprehensive study evaluated data of roughly 35,000 individuals over a 50-year period, which is representative of about 95 percent of the population.

Arrest and conviction rates spiked across all ethnic and gender groups. Such rates for younger white males tripled during the years evaluated. Women saw a much larger uptick in arrests and convictions although women 66 and older reported far fewer instances of having been arrested when they were 26 and younger. Younger black men were more likely to be arrested than younger white men: 33 to 23 percent, respectively. Even so, researchers noted that arrest rates among races have evened out over time.

A third of all males 26 to 35 surveyed reported being arrested during their youth. This is nearly three times higher than what was reported by men 66 and older surveyed. Individuals with less than a high school education were also more likely to be arrested when younger.

Regardless of age, gender or sex, anyone faced with a criminal charge may benefit from immediately contacting an attorney. Representation during a bail hearing and attempts at having charges reduced or dismissed are among the many critical steps that might be less stressful and more productive with the right legal assistance.