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Teacher accused of drug offenses involving student

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Drug Charges

A Maryland teacher – and the wife of a local mayor – is facing two misdemeanor drug charges after she was accused of attempting to purchase drugs from a student. Specifically, she was accused of seeking to purchase ADHD medication, contacting the student over social media as well as text messages. She is accused of attempted possession of a controlled substance other than marijuana and contributing to certain conditions of a child. The latter charge is for an adult accused of encouraging or causing delinquency or illegal behavior by a child.

The Salisbury mayor, the husband of the accused physical education teacher, issued a student saying that his wife was a great mother who was facing challenges. The teacher reportedly asked the student if they had ADHD medication. When they said they did not have any, the teacher allegedly asked them if they might be able to purchase drugs from friends. According to court documents, the student said that the teacher made multiple requests for the medication, and she told them to delete the messages involved in the solicitation of drugs. The student reported the messages to Child Protective Services and then the sheriff’s office, who directed him to agree to exchange two of the prescription pills in exchange for $20. The conversation was recorded by police, who then charged the woman.

After the investigation was announced, the teacher was put on administrative leave and removed from the classroom. Five educators in her school district have been either suspended or accused of criminal charges in the past year, according to reports.

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