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Caroline County woman faces charges for alleged sex offense

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Sexual Assault

If a person is facing criminal charges, it can feel like everyone is out to get you. A seriousness becomes part of everyday life, and the prospect of losing one’s freedom can cause some people to obsess. But it’s important to relax and remember that it’s everyone’s right to prepare a defense. And an attorney is often part of that strategy.

A Caroline County woman is facing criminal charges after an alleged sex offense that occurred with the suspect’s student. The 29-year-old woman has been charged with sex abuse of a minor and contributing to certain conditions of a minor among other charges.

Police in Kent County contend that the suspect was working as a teacher for a program hosted by a local school when she encountered the alleged victim. The arrest comes three weeks after an investigation into an alleged sexual offense began. The suspect is being held without bond.

Regardless of bond or bail conditions, suspects in crimes and people facing criminal charges always have the right to legal representation. This can be especially important during questioning by prosecutors and law enforcement officers, as statements given early on in investigations often set the tone of the rest of the process.

A lawyer can make sure that a person’s rights and interests are represented during interrogations, hearings and trials regarding criminal charges brought by Maryland authorities. A lawyer may also negotiated lower charges or plea bargains that result in less time or no time spent in jail. No one should have to refute or defend against charges in court without the proper assistance.