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Alcohol use becomes more concerning as temperatures climb

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Underage Drinking

Summer will soon be on the Mid-Atlantic Region, and that brings people out to the beach or picnics among other destinations. Even as the flowers bloom and we see more birds and bugs in the air, we also see more police on the roads of Maryland as they check drivers for alcohol and drug use.

Driving under the influence can affect anyone, and it is often common among lower age groups. This is partially due to a thrill-seeking period of time in the teens, and a lack of judgment that comes with little life experience is also involved. A desire to try alcohol for the first time can also motivate poor decision-making.

Other than a few safer situations, underage drinking in Maryland is always illegal, and no teenage person should be drinking. They should certainly not be drinking and driving, and they may lose driving privileges or face other penalties if it happens.

Good judgments often begins at home, and parents are reminded to not drink to excess with children present. A good lifestyle that moderates drinking with good diet and exercise can also show the value of sobriety.

“Make sure you live by example, and practice that responsibility in what you say and what you do in front of your children,” said the president of a trade council that represents American liquor makers.

People who need help with underage drinking charges can always consult a lawyer. An attorney can help secure lower charges or a diversion program that helps keep youths on track and behind the wheel safely.