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Fugitive faces several charges after Maryland manhunt

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When it comes to trouble with the law, the principles are the same as most other types of trouble: One can run from it, maybe even for a long time, but the results are often better or easier to manage when one faces the challenges head-on and resolves them one way or another.

A Baltimore man suspected of murder was recently apprehended after three weeks at large. He was wanted after the recovery of a body in the woods of Dorchester County. Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police located the suspect in a backyard and arrested him without further incident.

The charges stem from the discovery of the body and an autopsy that showed gunshot wounds as the cause of death. After an initial court appearance in Baltimore County, he is expected to be transported to Dorchester County to face charges related to murder and gun crimes.

He may also face additional charges after he avoided the arrest warrant for nearly a month. People who knowingly protect or hide a crime suspect may also be guilty of harboring, aiding or abetting a crime under Maryland law. No one should make criminal charges worse by trying to evade them, as proceedings may even continue against someone if they cannot be found.

An attorney can always help people facing criminal charges in Maryland. Suspects are always allowed legal representation at any time from questioning to a full court proceeding. No one should ever waive their right to counsel, as a lawyer may be an integral part of handling their legal trouble. If you’re in trouble and don’t know where to turn, an attorney is likely your best option.