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Westminster pair charged with impersonating doctors for drugs

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Drug Charges

Although people would rather not think this way, drug problems are possible for anyone. Some use controlled substances as a source of relief from the problems of youth. Others receive prescription medications and cannot seem to stop using them after they are no longer needed.

These conditions can lead to criminal charges as law enforcement officers suspect related charges. Many drug cases can involve several different criminal charges, which also opens the possibility of reducing charges or negotiating a lesser sentence in return for information or an agreement to seek counseling.

A man and a woman in Westminster were charged with several crimes related to impersonating physicians in order to secure controlled substances. The pair were charged after they reported called pharmacies and claiming to be Carroll County Hospital staff doctors.

The two suspects reportedly sought opioids, which are highly desired by dealers of expensive drugs and people struggling with powerful drug addictions. Several variants are available for the treatment of late-stage cancer, chronic pain and other specialized plans for continuing care.

Many municipalities in Maryland and elsewhere are beginning to see the human costs of drug addiction and may offer alternative treatments or diversion programs to first-time offenders and other people with documented drug issues who would be better served with treatment than with time in jail or prison.

An attorney can always stay on the side of people facing drug charges when it seems like no one else is. Legal representation is often an essential part of dealing with troubles in the criminal justice system, and all suspects are entitled to it.