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What are your options when accused of drug charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Firm News

Drugs charges carry some of the highest penalties of any crime. They are also one of the main reasons that the U.S. prison system contains so many people.

Fortunately, you have several options when facing drugs charges. The ideal defense would be to show that the drugs are not yours. Yet, that is not always possible.

You could use technicalities to defend against a drug charge 

You could challenge the legality of the evidence. Did the police break any rules to get the evidence, and did they store it correctly? You can also challenge the arrest procedure and detention. For example, you have a cut on your head after being pushed into a police car. Was that an accident, or did the officer use unnecessary force?

Sometimes you need to take a different defense route to drugs charges

If you cannot overturn the charges, you might need to focus on mitigating the damage instead:

  • Seek a lesser charge: Prosecutors may try to charge you with a more severe crime such as drug trafficking. Often it is a ruse to persuade you to accept a plea deal for the lesser charge of possession.
  • Seek an alternative to a custodial sentence: Countless studies have shown that sending people to prison for minor drugs charges does not benefit the person or the country as a whole. While some judges still believe in punishing people, others realize that education is often a better option. Being sent to a drug education program will not help you avoid a criminal record, but it could help you avoid time behind bars.

Finding a legal representative willing to consider all defense angles is essential to achieving the best outcome possible when facing drug charges.