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How can you fight an arson charge?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Playing with fire might not seem a big deal, provided no one is hurt, or nothing important is damaged. Yet, if the prosecution decides to charge you with arson, then you need to treat it as a very big deal because the consequences of a conviction can be severe.

Let’s say you did cause the fire. What are your options, then?

Deny it

The police might not have proof that you caused it. Remember, the standard for convicting someone of a crime is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The police might suspect you did it, they might be willing to bet money that you did it. That does not mean there is enough evidence to convict a court you did it.

Say it got out of hand

Intent is key to arson charges.  Fires can easily spread, so explaining that, yes, the fire did emanate from you, but you never intended the consequences it caused is another option.

Challenge the charge on a technicality

Any evidence the prosecution presents must have been properly obtained and stored. If the police broke into your garage with no permission or warrant, the empty fuel cans they found might not be admissible in court. Judges can also dismiss evidence where there is a gap in the police records detailing where it was stored and who accessed it.

If the police did not follow procedure when arresting or questioning you, that may again present an opportunity to challenge the charge.

If you face arson charges, getting legal help to examine all defense options will be crucial to protecting your rights, your interests and your future.