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2 mistakes to avoid during a DUI stop

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Not many things are as unsettling as a police stop. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, a police stop can be frightening, to say the least. 

However, if the police have probable cause that you might be driving under the influence (DUI), they will stop you for further investigation. When they do, you need to understand that this will officially mark the beginning of your DUI case. This means that what you do or say going forward will have an impact on the eventual outcome of your case. 

Here are two mistakes you should never commit during a DUI stop.

1. Refusing to stop

For the police to stop you for a DUI investigation, they must have evidence that you might be drunk. It is important that you pull over and stop. Ignoring a lawful order to stop amounts to evading the police and this will only compound your problems. Besides the DUI charges, you will also be charged with evading the police. 

2. Talking too much

Most often, the police will ask you if you have been out drinking. This might seem like a rhetorical question. However, an affirmative answer to the question can amount to an admission of guilt. And this can hurt your DUI case during the trial. As a rule of thumb, do not say anything incriminating to the police during the DUI stop.

Maryland DUI penalties vary depending on the severity of the offense. Knowing your legal options can help you fight a DUI charge and boost your odds of obtaining a favorable outcome for your case.