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How can you fight sexual assault charges?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges can carry heavy penalties. What’s more, anyone accused of it may face a lot of judgment, bad looks and so on from the general public, friends and family.

Hence, if you face sexual assault charges, you want to examine all defense options available. Here are some to consider

You didn’t do it. Someone else did.

You do not need to show who that other person is. What you need to do is to ensure the court understands it was not you. Or, at the very minimum, shed enough doubt on things that a court cannot say with certainty that it was you. Remember, prosecutors may be happy to claim it was you, even if they are unsure.

It was not an assault

Someone you only just met might ask or encourage you to do something or at least make it seem like they want you to do something. Then, for whatever reason, they may later claim they did not want it to happen.

Even someone you know well could give their consent and later claim they never did. This is common when someone is drunk or affected by drugs and may not remember the events clearly.

It never happened

Some people even invent whole episodes. It might be out of spite, or it might be because they are mentally or emotionally unstable. Either way that does not justify them accusing you or anyone else of a fictitious assault.

While it is crucial the police take all sexual assault accusations seriously, you should not face charges for a crime you did not commit. If you already face them, seek legal help to fight them.