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What can you do if the police enter your property illegally?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Drug Charges

When the police enter your property, they may gain access to information they could use to bring charges against you. They may seize evidence that they will pass to the prosecution to present in court against you. They are allowed to do this when they have your permission or when they have an appropriate search warrant.

Yet, what if they did not have either of these things? What can you do?

Don’t try to stop them physically

When the police barge through your door, your instinct might be to try and push them back out or push back against the door to stop them from entering. Both actions are inadvisable. Firstly you could face extra charges if the police later claim you attacked or harmed them. Secondly, they may react to your force with more force, which could leave you with serious injuries.

You might want to film the events with your phone to give yourself some evidence to use later. 

Get legal help

Many people do not understand their legal rights and end up in vulnerable situations because of it.

You always have the right to an attorney if arrested, and when you are not under arrest, you are also free to call one. Doing so might stop the officers in their tracks. Or if not, it starts the ball rolling for your defense and gives you guidance on how you should behave.

Just because you cannot stop a police search does not mean you have to accept it. Challenging the legality of a search and seizure of evidence is one of many defense options that you can look at once the police have left your property.