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What if the police come to your home in a drug investigation?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Drug Charges

It is safe to say everyone becomes alarmed when members of law enforcement come knocking on the door. You don’t know if you are in trouble or if the visit involves someone you love.

If cops come to your home, they are probably looking for something. In drug distribution cases, for example, they may hope to obtain evidence. It serves your interests to understand your rights during encounters with the police at your home.

Do not open the door

Instead of letting the officers into your home, speak with them through the door to see what they want. If they wish to search your home or arrest you, they must produce an official search or arrest warrant. Once they do so, exercise your right to remain silent and cease talking with the police.

Read the document

Arrest warrants should clearly identify the subject by name. Search warrants are a bit more complicated. They must specify the area or areas to be searched and include a list of items (evidence) the police hope to find. Do not overlook the small details contained in the warrant.

Watch the officers

The chaotic nature of executing a search warrant means it is easy for the police to make a mistake that could turn the tide in your favor. Watch the officers closely and take notes if they violate your rights (search in unspecified areas, etc.). Your representative might be able to use warrant execution errors to build an effective defense.

These best practices can help whether you are under investigation for drug distribution, violent crimes or any other criminal offense. It is also wise to learn more about Maryland search warrant execution directives.