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How contamination increases the risk for those selling drugs

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Drug Charges

Although the media loves to present those involved in the drug trade as hardened criminals, that is often far from the truth. People often begin selling or trafficking drugs to support their own struggles with addiction or because they find themselves in dire financial circumstances. Unfortunately, anyone who gets arrested while distributing or possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them can face life-altering consequences.

Jail time and a criminal record that could haunt someone forever are both possible after an arrest for drug sales or possession with intent in Maryland. Every drug case is unique, but one consistent factor is that both police officers and prosecutors are often eager to bring the most serious charges possible against those accused of a drug offense.

In recent years, the presence of fentanyl in many street drugs has changed the way that police and prosecutors handle certain crimes. The surge in fentanyl can also lead to much more serious penalties for someone selling drugs if they get caught with contaminated substances.

The police find fentanyl in many drugs

One of the reasons that fentanyl addiction and overdoses have become such a major concern in the United States is that fentanyl has begun infiltrating most aspects of drug culture. Those manufacturing drugs and distributing them use fentanyl because it is cheap and powerful.

It isn’t just those actively seeking out the specific substance who may end up purchasing and consuming fentanyl. Fentanyl has turned up in heroin, cocaine and even hallucinogenic street drugs as an adulterant. Those who accidentally transfer drugs contaminated with fentanyl could very well find themselves facing felony charges if they get caught in the act.

The courts like to make examples of fentanyl defendants

Pleading guilty may seem like the best option someone has, especially if police officers declare that they have more than enough evidence to bring multiple charges against that person. However, a guilty plea isn’t a solution because it leaves someone at the mercy of the courts for sentencing and will also permanently saddle them with a drug-related criminal record.

Those who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and those who are navigating a variety of circumstances have different options available if they want to defend against any drug charges that they’re facing. Tracking the issues that can complicate Maryland drug charges can help those who have been recently arrested plan the most effective path forward with the assistance of a legal professional.