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3 things not to do when taking a chemical breath test

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Drunk Driving

A Breathalyzer is a chemical test that evaluates the blood alcohol content (BAC) in someone’s body. The more alcohol someone consumes, the higher a BAC reading will appear. A BAC reading that goes above the legal limit could lead to criminal DUI charges.

Many people believe there’s an easy trick to pass a breath test, no matter what. But, chemical tests are often highly accurate. Here are a few things not to do during a breath test:

1. Putting a penny in your mouth

There is one myth about chemical breath tests that spreads like wildfire: sucking on a penny can fool a chemical breath test. However, there’s no evidence at all that a penny can help people during a breath test. 

It’s not exactly clear where this belief comes from. Some believe that pennies can mask the alcohol on their breath, while others think the BAC levels would be too high for a conclusive reading. In short, using a penny during a breath test will only have you tasting dirt and metal.

2. Using mouthwash before a breath test

Another way people will try to mask the smell of alcohol on their breath is by using mouthwash. However, mouthwash can contain alcohol. People who use mouthwash may end up increasing their BAC reading and inevitably get a DUI charge. The same can be said about breath mints, gum, cologne and perfume. 

3. Refusing to do a breath test

It’s often believed that people can simply refuse a breath test if asked. However, under implied consent laws, refusing a chemical test would lead to license confiscation. The driver could then be charged, incarcerated and face fees. 

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