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What you should know about controlled substances

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Drug Charges

Drug crimes carry severe punishments. You may go to jail for years and/or pay enormous amounts in fines when you are convicted of it. Thus, if you are caught with or accused of possessing or distributing a controlled substance, you should make the right moves. And to do this, you need to be well-informed.

Here is what you should know:

What is a controlled substance?

A controlled substance is a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession and use is regulated by a government. Examples include prescription medications and illicitly used drugs like narcotics. Not all controlled substances are illegal – this may depend on the potential for abuse.

Maryland requires practitioners, researchers, non-federal employees, federal establishments and any other party that handles these substances to have a controlled dangerous substances (CDS) registration, which is renewed after a determined period. This helps the government identify people who access these substances illegally since they won’t have a CDS license.

Why are these substances controlled?

Controlled substances are strictly regulated because they may be abused and can cause an addiction. The government observes how manufacturers make them, including ingredients and production processes, and afterward, how they are handled, stored, distributed and used. This ensures people who need them, for example, patients, get quality substances but in controlled amounts to prevent addiction. 

What to do if you are caught in possession of one

With the information provided above, you can infer why cases involving controlled substances carry severe consequences. If you are charged with this crime, you should consider your options to protect yourself.

If you are accused of possessing or distributing illegal drugs, it can help to get legal guidance to determine the most suitable defense strategies.