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Can you leave Maryland with legal marijuana?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Drug Charges

Maryland has recently joined the list of states with legal recreational marijuana. There are still plenty of laws around marijuana use. People have to be 21 years old, for instance, and they can only buy from a licensed distributor within the state. There are also restrictions on the amount of products someone can have.

But it is still a major change compared to other states that have more outdated laws, where marijuana is simply viewed as being illegal. People in Maryland can buy it and use it the same way that they would buy a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer.

But one problem this sometimes creates is when people are traveling to other states that do not have legal marijuana. If you do this, can you make a legal purchase at home and then bring those products with you?

Two main problems

You cannot do this, and there are two main reasons why. The first one is simply that the other state still prohibits marijuana. Even if you bought it legally in Maryland, it becomes illegal when you enter a different state’s jurisdiction. You could still be arrested there, even if it was fine for you to make the purchase initially.

The second problem is that people cannot cross state lines with marijuana products. This is due to the fact that marijuana remains federally illegal, regardless of what the states rule. Crossing state lines opens someone up to the possibility of federal charges.

As laws change over time, things can become complex and people do sometimes make mistakes. Those who are facing drug charges need to know what legal defense options they have.