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How can you fight drug possession charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2023 | Drug Charges

When medical providers overprescribe habit-forming medicines, it can lead to patient drug dependency. Unfortunately, some people who can no longer access prescription drugs legally may illegally obtain the substance they depend on or substitute an illegal drug that has the same or even stronger effects.

After an arrest for drug possession, it may be tempting to attribute your legal woes to an overprescribing doctor, but such a defense will likely fail. Instead, consider the options below if facing drug possession charges in Maryland.

Look for police mistakes

Law enforcement officers don’t have a right to act however they please, even when a crime is underway or has been committed. In other words, they have rules to follow when investigating crimes and making arrests.

At the same time, they are humans and vulnerable to errors, especially in situations that make them feel threatened. Consider exploring the possibility that the police made a procedural mistake or willfully violated your rights during your encounter.

Learn about the prosecution’s evidence

Defendants have the right to know what evidence the prosecution has against them. By exercising your discovery rights, you can learn how strong (or weak) the prosecution’s evidence against you may be.  You may be able to challenge some of the evidence if it wasn’t obtained legally or if there are other issues with it.

The takeaway

Avoid pinning your hopes on proving that drug addiction or life hardships led to your possession charges. It’s important to work with an experienced representative to explore all the elements of your arrest and find viable ways to provide a defense.