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What to know if you’re facing murder charges

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Firm News

Like many other states, Maryland has abolished capital punishment. That means criminal courts no longer hand down death sentences, even in murder and homicide convictions.

Still, murder is a very serious charge that could threaten your freedom if you’re convicted. Though it may seem hopeless, experienced representation can provide those facing murder charges with several advantages. Let’s look at a few examples.

Provide further investigation

Working toward the goal of finding flaws in the prosecution’s case, they can conduct an independent investigation into the matter. They will listen to your accounting of the events, examine the evidence against you and study the facts of the case.

Often, investigations uncover procedural mistakes or loopholes to leverage on behalf of murder defendants. It may be possible to find something that exonerates you entirely.

Ensure that the charges are correct

In Maryland, you can face first- or second-degree murder charges. As you might expect, first-degree murder is the most serious charge, as its only penalty is life imprisonment, often without the possibility of parole. It may be possible to have your charges reduced.

You would still face harsh consequences if convicted of second-degree murder, but it could give you hope for a future outside prison. The maximum penalty is 40 years of imprisonment, but you may be able to get a lighter sentence or have better odds of getting paroled.

Protect your rights

Having sound legal guidance can do much to help ensure that your rights remain protected through all stages of your legal proceedings. You have a right to expect fair and unbiased treatment from everyone involved in your case — from the prosecutor to corrections officers and even the court itself.