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3 ways that the police may infringe on your rights

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In an ideal situation, the police should conduct a criminal investigation before arresting someone. This investigation should help law enforcement officials determine if the suspect in question actually committed a crime.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where police officers make mistakes that infringe on your rights. As a Maryland resident, knowing these mistakes is crucial as they can be the basis of your criminal defense strategy.

Fabricating or exaggerating evidence

One concerning practice that can jeopardize the integrity of legal proceedings is the fabrication or exaggeration of evidence to secure search or arrest warrants. This unethical act undermines the foundation of justice, leading to potential wrongful convictions. If you believe fabricated or exaggerated evidence is what led to your arrest, you should explore criminal defense options before you’re wrongfully convicted.

Vague search warrants

A critical aspect of lawful searches is the specificity of the seized items, as outlined in the search warrant. Unfortunately, there are cases where law enforcement fails to explicitly state the items, opening the door to potential abuse. This lack of clarity can result in searches that go beyond the scope of the warrant, violating the rights of the individuals involved.

Searching for or seizing evidence not specified in the warrant

Another fundamental law enforcement principle is strictly adhering to the details specified in a search warrant. Deviating from these specifics can lead to unauthorized searches and seizures, constituting a breach of an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights.

As a Maryland resident, it is vital to remain vigilant in ensuring that law enforcement operates within the confines of the law so that they don’t infringe on your rights. Whenever you suspect that a police officer is infringing on your rights, consult a legal professional who can advise you on the way forward.