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What are crimes of violence, according to Maryland law?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Criminal Defense

As a Maryland resident, it is important to understanding the nuances of crimes of violence according to state law.

The state’s law categorizes crimes of violence as offenses that involve the use or threat of force. These crimes span a wide spectrum, from assault and robbery to more severe acts like homicide. Recognizing the gravity of such offenses and the legal consequences that follow can be consequential if you or a loved one ever find yourself facing accusations of wrongdoing.


The most common charge is simple assault, which involves the intentional causing of apprehension of harmful or offensive contact. The state’s law distinguishes between first and second-degree assault, each carrying different penalties. Aggravated assault, a sub-category of assault, involves more severe circumstances, often including the use of weapons or intent to cause serious harm. Penalties for aggravated assault are more severe, reflecting the heightened level of danger associated with these offenses.


Another type of violent crime is robbery, which involves the use of force or threat to take another person’s property. Understanding the key elements, such as force or intimidation, is essential when distinguishing between robbery and other theft-related offenses. The state’s law recognizes different degrees of robbery, with varying degrees of severity and corresponding penalties.


Homicide, the most severe crime of violence, is categorized into degrees, with first-degree being the most serious. The state’s law distinguishes between premeditated murder and manslaughter, each carrying distinct legal consequences. Understanding legal defenses is crucial in homicide cases. Self-defense, insanity and justifiable homicide are examples of defenses that can impact the outcome of a case.

Navigating Maryland’s legal landscape concerning crimes of violence requires a nuanced understanding of the legal framework, specific offenses and potential defenses. Remember, violent crimes are complicated, and consulting with a legal professional should you get charged is always advisable.