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3 reasons why you should walk away from a bar fight

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Criminal Defense, Violent crimes

Patrons frequenting bars expect to have fun and socialize, but the typical cramp and alcohol-infused atmosphere of these establishments can sometimes turn things hostile. Misunderstandings and judgment impaired by alcohol can lead to heated interactions. When this happens, leaving is often the most sensible thing to do.

It could be tempting to retaliate when taunted, but nothing positive ever comes out of a bar brawl. Usually, physical fights are bad news for everyone involved. Here are three convincing reasons to step away from a fight:

Preserves your physical health

Physical fights can result in serious injuries, affecting both “winners and losers”. Bar fights are highly unpredictable, increasing the risk of harm. Involved parties can sustain minor bruises to critical injuries, especially if they aren’t in peak physical condition. It is not unheard of for brawls to lead to disfigurement or even death.

Prioritizing personal well-being and safety when faced with conflict is the healthier move.

Prevents you from doing something you might regret

Due to the surge of adrenaline, individuals may inflict more harm on another than they intended to. When people temporarily blackout due to anger or alcohol consumption, they often find themselves shocked by the damage they’ve done after regaining consciousness. In addition, fights that get out of hand may result in property damage and unexpected injuries to innocent bystanders.

Most people believe violence is wrong. Those who take part in a bar fight may come to regret their actions after it’s over. Their lack of self-control may disappoint their companions and other bar patrons. Moreover, if word got out about the fight, it may damage their careers.

Spares you from legal consequences

When brawls erupt in bars, police are likely to get involved. Everyone at the scene, including bystanders, may undergo questioning. There is a real risk of incurring legal penalties, including jail time.

The legal consequences of bar fights should not be underestimated. Such incidents can result in assault charges. In Maryland, assault is either a felony or misdemeanor charge, but both carry the risk of incarceration, legal fees and fines. Moreover, a conviction for assault becomes part of a person’s criminal record, potentially affecting their future employment options and tarnishing their reputation.

When faced with the prospect of a bar fight, those who value their health, reputation and peace of mind would do well to walk away. Not only can they spare themselves from legal and financial burdens, but it helps prevent a temporary lapse in judgment from causing lasting consequences.