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What is a drug kingpin charge?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Drug Charges

A drug kingpin charge is a serious criminal offense in Maryland reserved for individuals believed to be high-level leaders in drug trafficking rings. It typically applies to those involved in large-scale drug operations, often involving multiple people and significant quantities of controlled substances.

A role as a financier, organizer, supervisor or manager in a conspiracy to manufacture, distribute or dispense controlled dangerous substances will likely result in a drug kingpin charge.

The potential penalties of a drug kingpin charge

Maryland law is quite strict on drug offenses, and a drug kingpin conviction can result in severe legal penalties. The law provides for a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence, a fine of $1,000,000 or both. The court cannot suspend part of your sentence, nor are you eligible for parole.

Remember, a drug kingpin charge is separate from the underlying offense. You could face additional or enhanced penalties depending on the circumstances of your offense.

Possible defenses against a drug kingpin charge

As with other drug charges, there are several ways of defending yourself when charged with a drug kingpin charge. You may challenge the prosecution evidence that shows your level of involvement in the conspiracy meets the threshold required for such charges. You could also demonstrate you were coerced or threatened into the alleged criminal enterprise.

There are just a few of the defenses that could apply, but it all comes down to the particulars of your charges and the prosecution’s evidence against you. Reaching out for legal guidance when facing serious drug charges can help you understand your rights and develop a defense strategy.