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3 reasons why teenagers break the law

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Firm News

When teenagers get in trouble with the law, parents are often very frustrated because those parents understand the impact this could have on the teenager’s future. The teens themselves may not fully grasp how serious their actions are or how a criminal conviction can limit their opportunities moving forward.

If you’re a parent whose teen has been arrested, you may find yourself wondering why. Below are three potential reasons.

They want to be independent 

Often, teens will rebel simply because they want to be independent. They will push back against any form of authority. In other words, the teenager may fully understand that breaking the law is not a wise decision, but they’ll do it specifically because they’re being told not to. This is just a part of human growth and development.

Their brains are not fully developed

Speaking of development, the brain doesn’t finish the development of the frontal lobe until around age 25. This means that people who are under 25 may have more trouble making prudent decisions. Teenagers may simply not have the capacity to understand the ramifications of their actions.

They may be influenced by peer pressure 

Finally, it’s worth noting that peer pressure often plays a role. Teenagers want to fit in with their social groups, and they’ll take risks to do it. They may certainly regret it after the fact, but peer pressure is very effective as it occurs.

Criminal defense options

Once again, as a parent, you know how serious these allegations may be for your teen’s future. That’s why it’s so important for you to carefully look into all of the criminal defense options that are available.