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Drunk driving convictions result in collateral consequences

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Drunk Driving

People who are facing drunk driving charges may be focused on the criminal penalties they’re facing. While those are certainly a primary consideration, they should also think about the collateral consequences of a conviction when determining how to respond to the charges at hand.

Some long-term consequences associated with drunk driving aren’t handled down from the court. Instead, they’re a result of the conviction and based on things outside of the court’s realm of immediate influence.

Employment challenges

One of the most critical collateral consequences of a drunk driving conviction is the potential impact on employment. Employers often conduct background checks, so a drunk driving conviction can make it challenging to secure a job. This is especially true in fields that require driving or operate with stringent ethical standards. Additionally, individuals in professions that require licensing, such as those in healthcare, law or education, may find their licenses at risk or face barriers to obtaining a license

Auto insurance rates

A drunk driving conviction typically leads to a significant increase in auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies view individuals with such convictions as high-risk drivers.

Impact on education

Students may face unforeseen consequences as well. A conviction could affect eligibility for certain college programs, scholarships and on-campus housing opportunities. Colleges and universities often ask about criminal convictions on applications, and a drunk driving conviction can influence admissions decisions.

Personal relationships

Beyond the tangible effects, a drunk driving conviction can also strain personal relationships. The stigma associated with such a conviction may lead to social isolation or difficulties in personal relationships. The stress and financial burden of dealing with the conviction can further strain family dynamics and personal connections.

Financial implications beyond fines

The financial impact of a drunk driving conviction extends beyond the initial fines and legal fees. The increased cost of insurance, potential loss of income due to employment challenges and the possibility of paying for alternative transportation if driving privileges are suspended all contribute to the long-term financial burden.

People who are facing drunk driving charges should consider these concerns when they’re planning their defense. Working with a legal representative who can help them develop a strategy designed to minimize potential consequences associated with their circumstances can make all the difference to an individual defendant’s future well-being.