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Defending Against Maryland Drug Manufacturing Allegations

Last updated on June 10, 2024

Drug manufacturing is a serious criminal offense in Maryland that involves the illegal production, processing or cultivation of controlled substances.

At the Law Offices of Thomas C. Mooney, our criminal defense trial lawyers have extensive experience defending clients against criminal charges, such as drug manufacturing, across Prince George’s County, Charles County, Montgomery County and Howard County. Our law firm founder and partner, Thomas Mooney, is a nationally recognized trial attorney himself, and he’s dedicated to helping and protecting clients embroiled in the most complicated drug offense cases.

What Qualifies As Illegal Drug Manufacturing?

Under Maryland law, drug manufacturing encompasses a range of activities related to the unlawful creation of controlled substances, including growing, producing, compounding, converting, processing, preparing or simply possessing the necessary materials or equipment with the intent to manufacture drugs. Even preliminary steps toward drug manufacturing can result in serious charges.

The Consequences Of Drug Manufacturing Charges in Upper Marlboro

Drug manufacturing charges in Maryland can vary depending on the circumstances, but they often include possession with intent to manufacture or distribute, operating a drug factory and conspiracy charges. The potential penalties are severe, with sentences ranging from several years to decades in prison, along with substantial fines. Many drug manufacturing offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences, leaving little room for leniency without skilled legal advocacy.

How Drug Type Impacts Manufacturing Charges

The type of drug allegedly being manufactured can significantly impact the charges and potential sentences. For example, manufacturing methamphetamine or crack cocaine is treated more harshly than manufacturing marijuana under Maryland’s laws. The quantity of drugs involved and the presence of aggravating factors, such as manufacturing near schools or involving minors, can also lead to enhanced penalties.

Our Approach To Defending Maryland Drug Manufacturing Cases

Every drug manufacturing case is unique, and our experienced attorneys carefully evaluate the specific circumstances to develop an effective defense strategy. Common approaches may include challenging the legality of searches and seizures, questioning the reliability of evidence or arguing for reduced charges based on mitigating factors. Our firm’s strong relationships with prosecutors and judges in the Maryland legal system enable us to vigorously advocate for our clients’ best interests.

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